The Diary of Anne Frank


The Diary of a young girl, none other than the infamous child survivor of the notorious Holocaust, Anne Frank. This diary saw the light of the day on April 30, 1952, upon publication of its English translation. Frank`s diary is perhaps one of the most read diaries in the world.

With over 25 million copies sold, the diary of Anne Frank was a great insight into the holocaust experience of a young girl. It was Otte Frank who found Anne`s excerpts and was able to publish Anne`s works by 1947. The English translation, however, came later in 1952. The success of the Dutch edition leads Otto to look for other publishing opportunities in other parts of the world and Otte hanged onto France and Germany before the English edition. It was until Otte`s death, he worked on multiple editions of Anne`s diary.

As of today, the diary is available in more than seventy languages all over the world. Anne`s account on the Holocaust is by far the most important and touching account in the history of writings pertaining to the same period.