LAHORE-The Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) has demanded that the Punjab government should not give development funds to legislators in the upcoming budget and a law should be passed in this regard.

The demand has been made through a set of 14 recommendations the party has sent to the chief minister and the finance department for the new year’s budget.

The PAT, which has no representation in any assembly as it had stayed away from the last year’s general election, happens to be the first party to make such a demand. Allocation of development funds happens to be a major attraction for the legislators at all levels. The PAT proposals were worked out at a meeting of the relevant leaders.

The party also wants a strategy to repay in two years all outstanding foreign loans, and full utilisation of funds earmarked for education, health, local government and justice system. The party has also sought a comprehensive energy policy devised to rid Punjab of power crisis. Also, the PAT wants a raise in the salaries of the government and allocation of funds for Labor colonies.

To improve the system of justice, the PAT has demanded increase in the strength of high court judges and appointments against all vacant posts in the lower judiciary.

The PAT has also sought reorganization of police to protect life and property of citizens, and check heinous as well as street crime.

The PAT has also called for reorganization of the police to avoid incidents like 2014 Model Town tragedy and the recent Sahiwal killings.

The PAT also wants legislation to convert local bodies into true Service Centers.

To end extremism and hatred, the PAT says, curriculum must be revised.

Special desk must be set up in every police station for action against elements involved in cyber crimes and provocative activities on social media.

The party also wants a comprehensive policy to provide pure water to over 100 million population of Punjab, and a timeline set to decide all pending cases of corruption.