PESHAWAR - Peshawar police on Wednesday rewarded a team who had arrested the killer of a seven-year-old child the other day.

One Fazal Hayat had allegedly shot dead his minor niece for making noise at home two days ago in Peshawar, and lat­er he fled to Khyber trib­al district.

He was arrested on Tuesday last. Capital City Police Officer Mu­hammad Ali Gandapur awarded cash amounts and commendation cer­tificates to the cops of Pe­shawar and Khyber dis­tricts at the Police Lines on Wednesday.

The CCPO also chaired a meeting on Wednesday to take stock of the situ­ation amid the ongoing anti-corona lockdown. It was stated that action has been taken against more than 5000 people for violating the govern­ment’s SOPs during the ongoing corona situa­tion.

The meeting was also told that over 3000 po­licemen have been de­ployed in Peshawar to provide security in Ramazan.