After listening and searching about the beauty of Italy which is also famous for its huge contribution in fashion, literature and world of art, it quickly acquired my attention. The Colosseum, St. Peters Basilica which is also known as world’s largest basilica of Christianity and Roman forum attracted me a lot as I am fond of ancient historical sites and as I am quite interested in photography, they were one of the most attractive places and they were the perfect places where I could capture my moments with the most historical sites in the world in my camera. After searching a lot, I quickly bought my ticket, packed my luggage and started my journey to Rome (Italy).

As I reached, I took a deep breath in the company of nature as the air was quite fresh. I spent my first week very remarkable but a few days later, the situation started to become quite miserable. A devastating virus which was known as ‘Corona’ started off fromWuhan (China). It spread to the whole world like a rushing torrent. In a week, a lot of countries were affected with the virus in different parts of the world including Italy. In Italy, many people were suffering from the virus and all the hospitals were full of patients fighting for their lives and hoping for a normal and healthy life again. Doctors were having very busy routine after the virus affected the country. The Government was raising awareness among the people and was recommending the public to stay at home. Many people were not taking care of themselves as some were not wearing masks many people were not even staying at home due to which the condition was becoming critical day by day. Many people were being attacked by the virus and a lot of them were dying as there was shortage of testing kits. e. As the condition was becoming critical day by day, the government planned for a complete lockdown in the country. After listening the news, I planned to move out from the country as quickly as possible as the airports were to be closed soon. I searched a lot for tickets as there was shortage of tickets because many tourists were present in the country who wanted to leave for their homeland. After searching a lot for the tickets, I finally got one and I started traveling back to my homeland Pakistan.

After spending my days in Italy, I finally came back to my country Pakistan. It was quite relief to know that the number of patients was not great in number in Pakistan. After some days, I was facing most of the symptoms a coronavirus patient faces. I was having a severe headache, a dry cough, knee pain too and I used to sneeze many times a day. Later on, I was watching news, an official along with a doctor was informing people about the symptoms of coronavirus. The doctor said that if a person is having high fever, flu and dry cough, there are high chances that the person is having the virus. The doctor recommended those people who had spent more than 14 days abroad should have a checkup from the nearest hospital as quick as possible.

My parents advised me to have a checkup. I rushed to the hospital as quick as possible. There the doctor asked me about my problem and I told him the situation I was facing. He told me not to worry and they started the test as soon possible. I was feeling quite lucky that the doctor was taking my blood test as testing kits were quite few in number and many people couldn’t get a chance to get them tested. At first, the doctor checked my temperature and I had a temperature of 312 K (103 F).Then doctor took my blood sample and sent it to laboratory to check if I had the virus. He told that the report will be given to me tomorrow. On that day, I prayed a lot and asked Allah Almighty to protect me from this virus.

Next day when I went to the hospital along with my parents to take my report, I was shocked to know by the doctor as he told me that my tests were positive for coronavirus which means that I had to stay some days in isolation ward. I started crying and I kept on yelling that I don’t want to die but my parents and doctor comforted me.

From that day onwards, I was admitted in isolation ward and had to spend my days without my parents, without my annoying brother and loving sister and without my caring friends. They doctor who was assigned to take care of me was quite friendly. The doctor was taking good care of me as he was trying his best to boost my immune system. I was feeling very lonely during quarantine. Although I had a good company in the isolation ward, I used to miss my mother a lot. I missed her hugs. I missed her bedtime stories. I missed her delicious food she used to specially cook for me and thing that I used to miss a lot was her love that she used to give me.

I was provided a phone on which I used to play games to pass my time. There was another guy beside my bed. His name was Asad and he was 14. We both became good friends and he was kind of caring person. Whenever the doctor got time, he used to play with us to. Every day I used to pray to Allah to recover us all soon so we could live our lives normally as we used to live before without any virus inside us. There were more than 10 patients in the ward who were suffering from the virus and were fighting for their life. Sometimes I used to give a thought that they might be missing their family too. And I admire the doctors a lot who are helping people recover from this virus leaving their family behind and risking their lives and working hard day and night so others could lead a good and a normal life with their families. I really admire and appreciate them a lot.

My condition started getting better day by day. Today I am feeling very healthy as the doctor says that I am going to recover soon from the virus. After 3 days, I am going to get discharged. My life during quarantine in isolation ward along with the doctor and a friend was quite good but I used to miss my family a lot. I will miss the doctor specially because he risked his life in order to help me recover from this virus as soon as possible. I admire and appreciate all the doctors around the world and wish them good luck for future. All I want to tell the citizens of Pakistan is to stay at home and ban going outside. If you are planning to visit a place or planning to eat somewhere out with your friends or family members, don’t only cancel the plan but also tell them to stay at home. There is no cure for this virus and staying home is only the way we can prevent this virus from spreading. Avoid touching face with dirty hands, wear masks and practice social distancing. This is how we can prevent coronavirus.

Stay Home, Stay Safe, Prevent Coronavirus.