Kandhkot - Millions of locusts swarmed outskirts of Kandhkot resulted destroying various standing crops. According to details, after sudden landing of insects, farmers used traditional methods such as playing tins and smoke to drive the heavy swarm’s of desert locust from their crops. According to Agro experts that desert locust are very harmful for the crops since their cruel jaws eat up the plants and their fruits at the same time thus creating famine-like situation in the area given their presence in the great numbers in sindh.

According to various reports from UN Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) the desert locusts is most destructive of all standing green food the locusts only harmful for crops while they don’t attack on people or animal. FAO had also launched a service on desert locust information which received and analyze the complete data of locust affected countries they provide necessary steps and also forecasts. The growers and farmers are complaining that despite facing the problem of locusts the government have failed to make any contingency plan to control sudden attack such insects as a result they are compelled to use their traditional methods to drive these creatures out of fields.