Islamophobia is referred to as prejudice, hatred and fear against Islam and Muslims. In recent times, there has been a rise of this prejudice Western world. This has also contributed enormously towards the discrimination of Muslims around the world. Thus, it is becoming a base point for isolation of Muslims, not only in the political arena but also among the social classes in the society. It is quite deep-rooted and it has demonstrated itself through diverse forms in society. For example, it has been fuelled by increasing trends of white supremacism and popular nationalism. Moreover, the global media is also largely responsible for this rise. Particularly, after the incident of 9/11, media representation about Islam and Muslims has been mostly negative which has aided into the development of this prejudice in their communities. To conclude, there is a need for media policies to solve this issue. There can be collaborated talks from preachers of different religions, the establishment of TV channels, creation of think tanks and research institutions that eradicate misconceptions and produce ideas in order to promote the real image of Islam. This would address this matter, proving that Islam is like any other religion that promotes the unity of humankind and peace.