ISLAMABAD-Besides repeated requests made, the Emergency and Disaster Management Directorate of the Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad is still awaiting for provision of personal protection equipment.

MCI has once again asked the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) to provide personal protection equipment for its employees working in Emergency and Disaster Management Directorate.

A letter in this regard was written by the Director E&DM, MCI to the Director General NDMA and requested to provide personal protection equipment for those employees who are engaged in efforts to counter coronavirus. The Directorate Emergency and Disaster Management MCI is the leading disaster management body on federal level.

“The staff of this directorate is performing desensitization/spraying activities as front line force in jointly efforts with NDMA to secure the citizens at large. Keeping in view you are requested to provide the PPEs as precautionary and preventive measure against the spread of coronavirus,” the letter reads.

MCI requested to provided PPEs including 10,000 sterile face masks, 800 pairs of sterile gloves, 1000 N-95 face masks, 1000 protective goggles, 1000 protective suits, 500 face protection shields, 500 hand sanitizers, 500 protective gown and 500 burial kits.

The first letter in this regard was written to NDMA on 20th March however the required PPEs could not be provided to MCI and now it has once again taken up the matter as it is quite necessary for MCI’s employees.

When contacted, the MCI’s spokesperson Mohsin Sharazi informed that the corporation is involved in on ground operations related to coronavirus and its workers are exposed to the virus. He informed that MCI has requested NDMA couple of times for provision of PPEs but in vain.

He said further we are expecting that now the required things would be provided by NDMA to ensure that our worker could work efficiently in sensitive areas.

Meanwhile, a walk through gate has also been installed on the main entrance of Mayor Office at sector G-6 to avoid spread of coronavirus inside the premises.

Earlier, MCI had launched an activity to wash all markets, busy areas and major roads of the capital with chemicals. The said cleaning operation was jointly conducted by Capital Development Authority (CDA), ICT Administration and MCI in which all markets, busy areas and major roads of the city was washed with chemicals in addition to carrying out cleanliness in all parts of the city.

The step had been taken as a preventive measure to control the spread of Coronavirus in the city. hemical to be used for washing was secured by the ICT Administration from a chemicals factory at Attock and it was sprayed with the help of MCI’s fire brigade vehicles.