LAHORE                 -           Punjab Governor Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar has said that declaration of India as unsafe place for minorities is victory of Pakistani stance. Narendara Modi is peddling forward RSS agenda.

In reign of Modi, minorities cannot feel secure in India. Today world is acknowledging that Pakistan is safe place for minorities.

Victory against coronavirus will not be success of a party or the government but of 220 million Pakistanis. Prime Minister Imran Khan is taking measures to fight out corona with all sincerity.

In this time of difficulty, we all move forward with sense of kindness for the distressed humanity.

He was talking to   delegation of traders of Iron Market Lahore led by Akbar Khan here on Wednesday.

He added that all it is not only United States, but all institutions, are unveiling the cruelties against minorities in India. International community should take notice of atrocities against minorities in India.

Governor cited that America and other countries despite having billions of dollars resources are not succeeding against corona.

“We should save ourselves and 220 million Pakistanis from coronavirus for which it is necessary to stay homes and follow the government advisory and guidelines in this regard. I do appeal to opposition parties that this is not politics time but to fight corona pandemic jointly.” He said the nation and history will never pardon the political party that plays politics over corona.

Governor said that the government is utilizing all resources to protect people from corona, as this is the time to serve the distressed humanity and all have to play a due role to control corona.

He said the opposition’s attempt to divide the nation at this time of trial is very unfortunate. In this time of difficulty, we all should move forward with sense of kindness for the distressed humanity.