ISLAMABAD-The Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) on Wednesday closed its Children Hospital Operation Theatres (OTs) after a senior anesthetist doctor was tested positive with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

Officials said that the infection spread amongst the healthcare professionals at PIMS was also increasing as two more doctors of the urology department were also tested positive with the virus which took the toll of same department to three.

Officials at PIMS informed The Nation that three main OTs of the Children Hospital PIMS have been closed after a senior Associate Professor (AP) was tested positive with the virus.

However, the emergency OT is still functional, said the official. Officials said that the senior doctor was anesthetist and had travelled to Peshawar recently.

“The doctor fell ill during the surgery in the operation theatre and he was tested for COVID-19 which resulted positive,” officials said.

Officials said that the entre pediatric team was performing surgeries with him for last two weeks and all need to be tested for the COVID-19.

Officials informed that along with the senior doctor, some of his subordinate doctors and three other staff members are suspected for the COVID-19.

Officials informed that main OTS were closed in emergency and samples of nursing staff, paramedics and technicians were sent for COVID-19 test on Tuesday night.

Officials also said that the samples of the surgery staff were sent for the test on Wednesday.

Result of around 10 healthcare professionals is awaited other than two OT technicians and anesthesia head who were tested positive.

Meanwhile two more doctors of the urology department at PIMS were also tested positive with the virus. The reports available with The Nation said that the samples of both male doctors were sent to National Institute of Health (NIH) on Monday and both have been tested positive now.

Age of one of the doctor is 25 years while the other is 29 years old.

PIMS Executive Director (ED) Dr. Anser Maxood talking to The Nation confirmed the virus infection in AP of Children hospital and in urology department. He also said that the OTs have been closed for ‘one or two’ days after the confirmation of virus in staff of the Children Hospital PIMS.

Responding about the question asked on preventive measures in the hospital for the safety of healthcare professionals, PIMS ED said that all measures will be taken however it’s the community spread and the staff gets infected randomly.

“No doctor directly dealing with COVID-19 patients has been infected so far,” he claimed.

Dr. Anser Maxood also said that all quarantine Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are also being followed for the doctors.

According to the National Emergency Operations Center (NEOC) data, 39 healthcare professionals have been infected with COVID-19 in Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) so far.

The number includes 16 doctors, 10 nurses and 13 other health staff. It said that 32 healthcare professionals are quarantined at homes while two are admitted in the hospital.

It further said that the clinical condition of both doctors is stable while four healthcare professionals have recovered and discharged in the federal capital.

Earlier, the ICT situation report said that three cases were confirmed in Alipur, B-17 01, Bara Kahu 28, Bari Imam 02, E-11 02, F-10 05, F-5 02, F-6 08, F-7 02, F-8 03, G-10 13, G-11-05, G-12 02, G-13 03, G-14 01, G-5 04, G-6 10, G-7 10, G-8 11, G-9 05, H-13 01, H-8 01, I-10 21, I-11 03, I-12 01, I-8 09, I-9 02, Khanapul 01, Kirpa 04, Koral 01, Lohibher 14, Model town Humak 01, Pindbhegwal 01, Rawal town 01, Rawat 03, Shah Allah Ditta 07, Shehzad Town 07, Sihala 01, Sohan 05 and Tarlai 28.