PESHAWAR - The Pakhtunkhwa Jam­hoori Ittehad (PJI) on Wednesday vowed to re­sist any bid to reverse the 18th Constitutional Amendment as it would deepen the sense of deprivation among the smaller units of the fed­eration. According to a press release, the Pakh­tunkhwa Jamhoori Itte­had convener Sikandar Hayat Sherpao, Mukhtar Bacha of National Par­ty Pakhtunkhwa Wahdat, Akhunzada Haider Zaman of Awami Workers’ Party (AWP), Shakil Waheed of Mazdoor Kissan Party and Dr Said Alam Mehsood of Pakhtunkhwa Ulsi Tehrik (PUT) said that the 18th Constitutional Amend­ment was made after a long struggle waged by the opposition parties.

The participants said that they would launch struggle and offer resist­ance if the incumbent government tried to re­peal the landmark 18th Constitutional Amend­ment. They added that they would foil the con­spiracies against the Con­stitutional Amendment at any cast, saying that it would not only cause harm to the provinces but would also hurt the federation as well.