Prime Minister Imran Khan has directed the Establishment Division to circulate necessary instructions to all ministries, Divisions, Departments, and Cadre Administration to proceed in accordance with provisions of new Civil Servants retirement rules, reported by Radio Pakistan. 

The Prime Minister Office has directed each department and Division or Office to maintain a list of civil servants, who have completed requisite length of service under Section 13 of Civil Servants Act 1973, and carry out a review of their performance.

Since new rules have now come in force under the title of Civil Servants (Directory Retirement from Service) Rules, 2020, a mandatory review of Civil Servants performance is required. Upon mandatory review, if requisite grounds for retirement are observed, such cases will then be referred by the cadre administration to the respective retirement board or retirement committees as the case may be.

Accordingly, the exercise required to be carried out by the Cadre Administration shall be completed within a period of one month, positively.