Enough has been written in print and discussed on the electronic media about the cause and fall-out of parting of ways between Zardari and Nawaz in Pakistan. But it misses the essential political dynamics in South Asia and its immense importance for the emerging new human rights-friendly, global political order. In every era, economically and militarily powerful countries have been influencing the course of world history. Therefore no one should mind if contemporarily powerful countries like USA and its allies also want to shape the world in a way that will protect their legitimate interests. The problem arises when these countries start thinking that only their political, economic and social order will safeguard their interests. They dismantle with vengeance political system of other persuasions as they did in recent past in Pakistan. During recent political upheavals in Pakistan, the US misjudged the political dynamics of Pakistan. A democratic diarchy will be good not only for a prosperous, stable and peaceful Pakistan but it will serve as a model worth emulating also in other countries (including India) of South Asia too. It will ultimately usher in a federation of secular, democratic SAARC countries in the region. -HEM RAJ JAIN, Ghaziabad, India, via e-mail, August 26.