ISLAMABAD - Several essential household items have been found missing after the unjustified and irrational raid carried out by the officials of Estate Office on the residence of a senior governmental official. Extending the post scenario of the havoc wreaked on him by the officials of Estate Office, led by Joint Estate Officer Obaid-ud-Din a couple of days ago, the Director Health of Capital Development Authority (CDA) Dr. Saeed while talking to TheNation on Friday alleged that several precious belongings have been stolen from his house by the "invaders". Giving the details of the missing goods, he said that artificial imported jewellery, i-Pod electrical device, cash, crockery, important books and several minor utensils of daily life use are still missing. "My daughter is studying medicine, her books could not be found along with my son's i-Pod, cash, jewellery and other valuables", he lamented. Dr. Saeed maintained that his close relative had brought precious gift such as artificial jewellery and i-Pod for his family from abroad which have been stolen, he uttered in sorrow. He further stated that his daughter is finding it extremely difficult to cope with her studies without books. "My daughter is a bonafide student who spends most of her time studying books. I cannot afford to buy her these expensive books yet again" he added. Director Health asserted that he is a dedicated officer who had earned exceptional reputation in the department owing to his honesty and integrity. I have always lived within my means, I am not a millionaire and cannot buy those precious stolen items to my family again, he remarked The alleged misadventure led by Obaid-ud-Din had taken place in his absence as he had taken his wife to the hospital for ultra sound and other tests as his wife is suffering from a life threatening disease, hepatitis C.  "When I heard the terrible news I rushed back to my home, only to see my servants crying after being beaten brutally by Obaid's men with the luggage scattered down the road", he alleged adding that Joint Estate Officer Obaid-ud-Din who is almost half of his age, showed no respect to him. "I tried to remind him that I am much older than him and he should respect my dignity but he kept on abusing my servants in front of me ignoring the fact that my wife who is suffering from life threatening disease can not bear the pain. Director Health CDA Dr Saeed went on saying that he asked the officials of Estate Office especially Obaid-ud-in to explain as to what law allowed him to break the doors' locks of his home in his absence. "Where on earth does any law of the land allows the governmental officials to break the doors' locks of respectable citizens without arrest warrants or court orders.If this can happen to a senior officer, then what to talk about less privileged people" he questioned.. Saeed Ahmed thanked Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gillani for ordering detailed investigation of the incident. "I hope the black sheep in bureaucracy like those of Obaid-ud-Din would be brought to book", he hoped. He also demanded of strict action against the officials of Estate Office involved in the incident. The Director Health especially  thanked TheNation for projecting the true picture of the entire episode. "TheNation has continued its legacy of raising its voice against tyrants and standing by the victims", he added and urged the law enforcement authorities to adopt mandatory steps for the immediate recovery of stolen goods. It is pertinent to mention that several senior officers contacted TheNation and demanded outright removal of those officials involved in the manhandling case. "The government must make an example out of them so that no one could dare to abuse power in future" added one such senior official.