LAHORE - A 35-year-old unidentified critical patient brought with multiple head injuries remained unattended from early morning to after noon on Friday when nobody even the paramedical staff provided him treatment at the newly constructed emergency department of the Lahore General Hospital. The patient, who is still lying in the hospital in semi-unconscious condition, and is unable to disclose his identity, was even not provided bed as he was put on stretcher with his head bleeding since he was brought at the emergency department of the hospital by the Rescue 1122 ambulance early on Friday. The doctors reportedly did not attend the patient solely because he had no relative or attendant with him. There was also no one to pay for his CT Scan test. A ward boy of the same emergency department took pity on the helpless patient and struggled hard to save his life by inducing doctors to see him. He also persuaded attendants of other patients to make arrangements for his CT Scan test.    According to a source in hospital emergency, the kind hearted ward boy was looking very perturbed when he found the patient lying unattended since he had come to his job early on Friday. The said ward boy started his efforts at around 10:00am to save patient's life. He struggled hard to provide the patient treatment as neither the patient's relatives and nor any other attendant came there to look after him. He asked the on-duty doctors for treatment of the patient and ultimately managed to convince one of the doctors who suggested immediate CT. Scan test of the patient. The ward boy later approached relatives of a patient Ahmad Hassan who was also brought with head injuries he sustained in an accident. He requested Hassan's son Muhammad Shoaib that the unknown patient is in dire need of CT. Scan, which could not be carried out due to absence of the patient's relatives.  He appealed him to pay from his own pocket for CT Scan test. Later, the CT Scan of the unknown patient was carried out free of cost as a result of efforts made by Shoaib who continued his struggle and also succeeded in shifting the patient from stretcher to a bed. When contacted the DMS Dr. Zia Ullaullah Cheema, he confirmed that a patient Ahmad Hassan's son Shoaib made struggle and CT Scan of the unknown patient was conducted on his efforts. He, however, denied that patient remained unattended at the hospital for long time.   He said that the patient has been shifted from stretcher to a bed and doctors are looking after the patient who was in stable condition now. To a query he said that the patient was still semi conscious and was unable to identify himself.