ISLAMABAD - The government has decided to transfer some ambassadors from their current stations of posting to other countries including the appointment of new envoy to Kabul. The foreign office spokesperson, Muhammad Sadiq, will take charge from Tariq Azizuddin, Ambassador of Pakistan to Afghanistan, and he is likely to move to Afghan capital in January, next year. Ambassador Azizuddin will proceed to Turkey to assume his new office. However, the decision regarding the appointment of new spokesperson has not been taken yet, according to an official, who asked for anonymity. The present Chief of Protocol, Nazir Hussain, will soon leave for Tokyo to assume the office of new Pakistani envoy to Japan, the official said adding that a senior official of foreign office, Ghalib Iqbal, will replace him. The foreign ministry is also expected to take a decision soon on another senior diplomat Zamir Akram, whose name was earlier finalized for Pakistan's Ambassador to China but later not to send him to Beijing was decided, according to the official.