Everybody in Pakistan knows that Asif Zardari suffers from the same 'fear factor' about Iftikhar Chaudhry that Pervez Musharraf had. That is the simple reason the CJ Iftikhar Chaughry is not being restored by Zardari. However, Zardari will restore Ch Iftikhar when he becomes the President of Pakistan, as he will have immunity against all legal action till he remains President. The CJ, meanwhile, will retire during the next three years. Even if restored after Zardari's becoming president, the CJ will be able to do nothing, as Zardari will continue to be immune from prosecution for the next five years. Zardari is playing politics at the cost of PPP's vote bank. -ZULFIQAR ALI BUTT, London, UK, via e-mail, August 26.