ISLAMABAD - Hundreds of Islami Jamiat-e-Talba activists staged a protest demonstration here on Friday against the brutal killings of students of Karachi University. They were chanting anti-MQM slogans like 'Dehshat Gard hay MQM'. Nazim Islamabad City of IJT was leading the protest. In his address he pointed out that Altaf Hussain, Chief of MQM, was behind this heinous act of killings of the innocent students. They were demanding of the government to impose ban over MQM. They termed the MQM a terrorist organization, which was deteriorating peace of the big city and economic hub of the country. Usaid Hassan Madni, Nazim IJT threatened the authorities concerned that if concrete action was not taken against the well-known culprits of MQM then they would themselves take the revenge of the martyrs.   At the end of the protest funeral prayers were offered of the martyrs of the Karachi University. Earlier, IJT Nazim Attiq ur Rehman announced countrywide protest against the brutal killings of the students in Karachi University.