Nothing has changed in the University of Karachi during the last 25 years. It is still witnessing worst kind of violence and innocent students are getting killed ruthlessly even in the presence of Rangers. The sad thing the PPP and the MQM are not terribly bothered about murder and mayhem and they take no action to stop that. This is utter callousness and failure of all and sundry. This is simply inhuman. Unfortunately I am witness to the first killing at the campus when one Tippu and his associates gunned down Hafiz Aslam of Islami Jamiat Taliba. I saw Aslam, the most decent of IJT leaders in a pool of blood, it was target killing. There were hundreds who participated in the funeral of Aslam raising slogans of 'zalmo jawab do khoon ka hisab do'. There was no ethnicity involved in student politics; all mourn death of a young and that was end of dream. That was the beginning of the mayhem that continued during Zia days in the city. Benazir Bhutto was inducted in to power but she was powerless against those who perpetuated violence and survived by violence. Now IJT was out of the violent scenario and the showdown was between PSF and APMSO, both kidnapped each other's workers and subjected them to the worst torture. Finally military commander intervened and both parties brought their victims under a deal orchestrated by military commander. The PPP government was silent spectator and it did nothing to stop that gory game of death. Zia did many horrible things to this nation but one action that deprived students of any democratic right was the ban on students union. The military dictator was afraid of street power and he never allowed students any say in the affairs of the country. Indeed, Jamaat-i-Islami cooperated all along with him and became willing target of genuine vilification. JI had nothing to offer in its defence. As a student I remember slogan by IJT guys, 'Tara masih aaiga surkhon ko latkai ga' (Tara Masih will come and hang Leftists) it was immediately after the hanging of popular Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. The nation and students remained pole apart; they were divided in Bhutto and Zia camps. Sadly JI and IJT were with dreaded Zia. In the post-Zia period, Karachi University witnessed the worst incident in that four students of PSF were gunned down in broad daylight in the late 1980s. That incident brought Rangers to the campus but the violence continued unabated as Rangers sometimes showed highhand-edness and beat students and teachers alike. They beat them ruthlessly and misbehaved with girl students despite protests from all. Their presence rather incited violent actions and they took no action so far to stop any bloodshed. Last year, nine persons including four students were killed as gunmen opened fire on a passenger bus on the main university road. My sister who witnessed the whole scene described as a horrible scene from any Indian movie. She failed to sleep for many days. Still she wakes in the middle of night and hears cries of dying youngsters. This happened on September 14, 2007 when armed thugs opened fire on a minibus of G-7 and hurled a hand grenade at innocent passengers including students. The police is yet to release the sketches of the suspects perhaps it will take another year. Now this incident of last Tuesday when two students belonging to IJT and one of APMSO died after gunbattle in the campus, the JI and MQM condemned this killing. Qazi Hussain Ahmed led funeral prayer of IJT activists at Numaish Chowrangi, top leaders including Mohammad Hussain Mehinti, Muzaffar Shujra, Asadullah Bhutto attended the funeral. This is not the first time Qazi had to play a mourner's role in this city. Qazi openly blamed MQM for the murder and warned 'we will not retreat and we will respond.' This is unfair on part of Qazi, he is a national leader and he should never preach violence rather he should help in healing old and new wounds. This is a test case for him and his party. It is easy to indulge in the blame game. Sadly nobody is wholly innocent in this unholy game of death. The MQM arranged funeral of slain worker at Jinnah Ground Azizabad where Anwar Alam, Abdul Haseeb, Babar Ghauri, Waheeduzaman offered condolence for the young student. The MQM and APMSO demanded arrest of wanton killers while Sindh ministers Dr Sagheer and Faisal Sabzwari visited hospitals and met injured APMSO workers. There is no denying the fact the MQM must show more responsibility as it is in the government in Sindh. True whatever happened is sad and it increases anguish of parents but people wonder how come Rangers kept silence over that unfortunate killing; its officers love publicity of cheap achievement but if something horrendous happens they take the back seat and relish life in the city thanks to the PPP and the MQM; nothing has changed for them. I wonder what happened to the so-called civil society, Iqbal Haider who cries when lawyers suffer some injuries. He never condemns violence at the campus. And why there is no long march to denounce ruthless killers who work in the garb of political and religious parties. When will the Karachi University see peace and tranquillity? It is the guessing game. Will next president Asif Ali Zardari take effective steps to close killing fields? This is testing time for him. But the most surprising thing is the fact no teacher has ever been killed in the University of Karachi. Why only students faced the bullets of wanton assassins. No teacher sadly comes forward to stop killing of innocent fellows. Teachers watch silently in their safe havens as students die in the campus. This is pathetic and sorry state of affairs. But the question is when this bloodbath will stop? When the civil society engulfed in judges issue will raise from the ashes of judicial activism. Will any judge take action against these killers? Perhaps never. This is not a political issue.