LAHORE - Disgraced pacer Mohammad Asif's fate will be decided by the new Pakistan Cricket Board chairman after considering the recommendations made by the fact-finding committee here. With Ashraf resigning immediately after former President Gen (retd) Pervez Musharraf made his exit earlier this month, the Sports Ministry is now planning to either appoint an ad-hoc committee to run cricket affairs or to get the President to directly appoint a new chairman. Shafqat Naghmi, chief operating officer of the Board was quoted by an Indian website that the new chairman will be authorised to take a decision on Asif as the fact-finding committee members have done their work and submitted their recommendation for further action. "It is now up to the new chairman or head of the Board to decide on our recommendations. Till then this issue is in cold storage and as it is we have already suspended Asif from playing any cricket because of his positive dope test in the Indian Premier League," said Naghmi, who also heads the fact-finding committee. Sources have said that the three-member fact-finding committee has recommended disciplinary action against Asif for violating players code of conduct as the authorities did find a small quantity of some banned substance in the test. Asif spent 19-days in detention in early June after he was detained at the Dubai airport while returning from India. He was later released without any charges but authorities did find some contraband item on him. The PCB official was also quoted by the report that Pakistan will not dispute whatever decision Indian Premier League (IPL) takes on disgraced fast bowler who failed a dope test during the inaugural IPL season. A top Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) official was quoted by an Indian website that the Board will respect any decision taken by the IPL's disciplinary committee over Asif's doping episode. "Asif tested positive while playing in the IPL and the league has full authority to take action against him. If he (Asif) is banned by the IPL for doping, then we will not contest that decision," the site quoted Shafqat Naghmi, PCB's chief operating officer. Naghmi also clarified that he has no authority to take action against Asif over his misadventure in Dubai where he was detained for 19 days after he was caught by airport authorities there carrying a banned substance. He said that only the PCB chairman can take action against Asif as per constitution of the Board.