LAHORE - PIA has divided its Business and Economy classes into four to five more segments to collect more revenue from the passengers which is causing financial problems for the people. The airline has introduced Revenue Management System about a year ago under which economy class of the its fleet was divided in to five parts including N class to T, M, K, and Y class. In this class, N is the most cheaper segment of the class and fair goes higher and higher for the next four classes, a passenger said that fair on domestic routes of PIA goes higher from Rs 2000 to Rs 2500 and this increase on international routes also. Similarly, Business class of PIA was also divided into four parts including S class, B, J and C class. The lowest fair in business class is in S class while highest fair is in C class. Some passengers are of the view that it was nothing but to loot the passengers and no facility has been given to the passengers. Nauman Bashir resident of Garden Town Lahore who works in a private firm and is also regular traveller of PIA from Lahore to Karachi and Karachi to Lahore has said that it was unfair to divide PIA planes into the various segments. He said that dividing economy class into four classes has only increased the misery of the passengers and no benefit is for him in this method. He was of the view that ticket in lower class was never available to him and he was always asked by the PIA ticket office to get ticket for higher class of economy. Another passenger Ahmad Hassan who is a businessman and regular flyer with PIA from Lahore to Karachi has said that it often happens that passenger contacts reservation staff of PIA which says that no seat is available in lower class and he is compelled to purchase a ticket of higher class but when he enters in the plane it flies with under load. A spokesman of PIA said that classes within classes were introduced under Revenue Management System a year back to facilitate passengers and to generate revenue for the airline as well. He ruled out the impression that PIA reservation staff discourages passengers while issuing tickets in lower classes and said that it was online system and one can reserve seat himself through this system. He said that this system was introduced in Europe and Middle East countries earlier and running successfully. He also disclosed that after implementation of this system in the airline revenue of PIA has gone up by 7 per cent.