Musharraf is gone but not the troubles of Pakistan. The midnight oil burnt, millions of dollars spent on preparing charge sheets, white papers and allegations etc at the cost of billions of rupees to the taxpayer were compromised in a closed-door agreement between Musharraf and the PPP leadership. Mr Zardari and his aides had only mocked the nation. Musharraf delivered his resignation speech and lo and behold, Bilawal landed in Karachi to disclose to the nation that their next President would be from PPP. The PPP's backtracking on the judges issue post-Musharraf was expected due to its prior history of broken public pledges. If Mr Zardari does not want to restore judges because of the NRO, it is understandable. No Bhutto himself, in either lineage or talent, he can only rule through the politics of divide and rule, manipulation and deception. -SHAHID ALI, London, via e-mail, August 20.