Olympics 2008 have come to a close and the Great Britain has started preparing for Olympics 2012. The Chinese have put up a tremendous show. They have certainly proved themselves to be a dynamic and vibrant nation with great organizational capabilities. They not only held a grand Olympics flawlessly but also walked away with top laurels; 51 gold, 21 silver and 28 bronze medals. The applause around the world for this outstanding performance is truly well deserved. Many proud nations of the world would take stock of their performance at Beijing before start preparing for London now. What will we, a nation of 170 million strong, able-bodied people, do? Is it not time to give real serious thought to reorganizing our sports bodies, getting rid of dead wood at the top so that dedicated professionals and experts can be inducted in each field to carry out an earnest talent hunt through out the country without any considerations of favour or nepotism? If we can do that, may be the Olympian Gods will permit us an odd access too to the victory stands next time -COL (Retd) RIAZ JAFRI, Rawalpindi, via e-mail, August 26.