CHITRAL - Ten people working for Forest Development Corporation Chitral and labourers working on a local contract were kidnapped from Kalash Valley to unknown place in the nearby Afghanistan province of Nooristan. As per details, TheNation learnt that a group of armed persons ranging between 40 and 45 in Bamborit area kidnapped ten people on gunpoint. Among the kidnapped persons included the labourers from Gandigar area of Upper Dir, sources informed. It was further learnt that the armed group apparently Taliban came from across the border Saturday night and after kidnapping the persons about 9 p.m. they returned to the neighboring Nooristan province of Afghanistan. Only a single person was able to escape from the clutches of the kidnapping 'Taliban. After his escape Sultan Yusuf resorted to the local police station in Chitral to report the kidnapping of his other colleagues at the hands of armed person apparently 'Taliban hailing from Nooristan province of Afghanistan. It is to mention here that a Greek engineer Athanasi was also kidnapped from the area a year ago by Afghan Taliban.