LAHORE - MQM Chief Altaf Hussain while seeing the direction of public wrath towards his party, is making his best efforts to divert the attention of the masses, alleges PML-N spokesman Siddqueul Farooq. He made these allegations while addressing a press conference at party office in Model Town on Sunday. He said MQM chief enjoying the powers since long as coalition partners of every regime. Siddique also said if MQM chief consider himself a true national leader then he should come to Pakistan to express solidarity with the flood-affected families but the history was witnessed that MQM chief just rely on the statements even at the time when the country had the worst earthquake in 2005. PML-N spokesman stated what 'I guess Mr Altaf Hussain should come to Pakistan for the period of at least two months to prove himself a national leader, as making statement while sitting abroad was an easy job but sharing the public sentiments in true spirit is entirely a different job. Commenting on the statement of Altaf Hussain against feudal, landlords and capitalists he said In my opinion Altaf Hussain has the same mental approach what the feudal or capitalists have. He also alleged that MQM chief got handsome money through Nasreen Jalil and Farooq Sattar to vote in favour of Wasim Sajjad for the presidential elections against Farooq Leghari. He said MQM should know that the people of the country still remember all the wrong doings of the MQM for its vested interest. Commenting over the statement of federal law minister Babar Awan about the embezzlement in the 'Qarz Utaro Mulk Sanwaro campaign initiated by the than Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, PML-N spokesman said action should be taken against Babar Awan under article 62 of the constitution. He said PML-N did not want to get involve in any blame game realising that this is not the time of point scoring. PML-N wanted to use all of its resources for the relief and rehabilitation of the flood-affected families and in this regard the entire national leadership should also have the same spirit. He also appealed the masses to come forward to donate generously for the flood-hit people.