LAHORE - Contractors mafia, in connivance with the police and officers of the commercial department, is causing loss of millions of rupees every month to Pakistan Railways (PR). Some honest officers of the commercial department have become helpless before this powerful troika. An investigative report conducted by the Nawa-i-Waqt reveals that this mafia gets thousands of kilograms of luggage loaded in the Express and Mail trains from Karachi, Faisalabad and Lahore daily by force without paying any charges. In this way the mafia, with the collusion of railway police and officers of the commercial department, is causing loss of millions every month to Pakistan Railways and filling their own pockets illegally. According to the report, on August 24th when 15-up-16-down Karachi Express stopped at platform No 8, then it was disclosed that the luggage loaded in the private contractors luggage bogie (Jameel &Co and Ittehad Cargo) was many times more than the prescribed limits ie 10,000kg. In one bogie the load was 35,000 kg and in another it was 43,000 kg. When it came to the knowledge of DCO, Lahore, Robina Nasir, she ordered the staff to unload the luggage. This unloading had just been started when a high ranking officer of railway headquarters phoned the DCO over which Robina Nasir let the luggage, of a contractor Sakhawat, go without any resistance. According to the rules, rupees 20,000 are fined, double fare is charged and show-cause notice is also issued for overloading. But no such action was taken in this case. When contacted CCM passenger, Ayaz Dareshani, he did not bother to attend the phone.