ISLAMABAD Practically the Pakistan Peoples Party-led coalition Government has succeeded in incapacitating the National Accountability Bureau and the department went into deep slumber after stepping down of its former chairman Naveed Ahsan. Sources in the Government said that the ruling PPP was in no mood to appoint its new chairman and would prefer to keep the department in dormant state, as it would be in the interest of many people, having corruption-tainted background, both in the Government and in Opposition. Sources in the Government further said that the main opposition party, Pakistan Muslim League- Nawaz had also entered into some tacit understanding on undermining NAB and perhaps that was the reason that the corruption cases pending against Sharif family were not reopened despite the fact that all the accused in these cases had come back to Pakistan and now there was no valid reason to keep these cases closed. Sources in the Ministry of Law informed TheNation that under the law the Government should have appointed the new Chairman NAB because in the absence of chairman his deputy could not act in his place and the present status of the department has no legal or constitutional status. It is pertinent to mention here that none less than the Chief Justice of Pakistan had repeatedly asked the Government through Attorney General and Secretary Law for early filling of the vacancy of Chairman NAB and also pointed out that the Deputy Chairman NAB could not dispense the duties of chairman. Sources in the Ministry of Law further said that the Government was in no mood to appoint Chairman NAB and would keep the department in its present state where no serious work is being done under the Deputy Chairman NAB. A PPP leader, who is aware of the developments taking place on this front, informed TheNation on condition of anonymity that the Government would not appoint Chairman NAB till the decision of the SC on review petition of Government in NRO case while at the same time they would also be waiting for the verdict of the apex court in 18th Amendment case. Sources in NAB said that since the resignation of former chairman NAB Naveed Ahsan no serious work had been done on any front and people in both prosecution and investigation cells of the department were sitting idle. These sources further said that issues like fresh induction in prosecution and investigation sections was also shelved while the progress on all the pending cases and inquiries also effected adversely.