As Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani has returned allegations of corruption to the non-governmental sector, mismanagement or least lack of coordination haunts the disbursement of whatever relief aid pouring in, bearish sentiment prevailed in stock markets during the week ending Friday last. During the previous weeks, foreign fund managers have been consistently buying local stocks to support the plummeting market out of the fears of economic turmoil due to devastating impact of unprecedented floods on the economy. Abundant talk about the issue of honest disbursement of relief aid even reached the floors of the portfolio market and foreign players, too, preferred to stay on sidelines for the time being at least. Resultantly the market failed to recover from a shedding spree as everyone across the board appeared to be net seller. State-owned public sector financial institutions failed to block free fall in the market. Local institutions support, however, helped market to open the week on a positive note. Bearish pressure remained there but the market managed to close the first session of the week that was in positive zone. Bears, however, captured the market during the second session of the week that was. Karachi Stock Exchanges KSE-100 Index lost about a couple of percentiles in one go on Tuesday last. Pundits described the issue of leverage product as the main internal reason behind the bearish spell in the market. According to reports, the introduction of margin trading system that is said to be a new shape of the once banned 'badla again influenced by some vested interests would not be possible until new leadership at the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan. The SECP Chairman is completing his tenure in November this year while the Government has reported him to resign as early as possible. The vested interests are, reportedly, now after getting their man appointed as chairman SECP, and then get the job done according to their own designs and desires. Institutions support once again came in and clipped the losses on the second consecutive bearish day on midweek. The Index lost less than a percentile or half of what it did on preceding day. Oversold state of the market attracted a little more buying on the floors and the market recovered by merely a third percentile on Thursday last. Mixed trend, though as an improvement against early week shedding, prevailed till the last session of the week that was. Somehow the market managed to close the week in positive zone though it could recover fractionally by less 0.15 percent. Analysts believe that the issue of flood relief aid disbursement, distribution of compensation, and finally the leadership of reconstruction would be directly impacting the market trend in near future till the beginning of the stage of physical reconstruction which is not likely to start before December. The Prime Minister himself has, reportedly, raised this hue and cry that the Government was getting only 20 percent while 80 percent was coming in through the NGOs that according to him would embezzle 50 percent of it. At the same time the provinces are also not on the same page with the Federation over the same issue. Thus bottom line is that this haphazard scenario of disaster management is bound to impact the investment and economic scene of the country.