Reference news story "Foreign Ministry opens camp office in Tel Aviv - Pakistan, Israel on way to establish diplomatic ties" by Mr Kaswar Klasra on 13 August 2010. We were surprised, nay, shocked to see such a baseless story published in your esteemed newspaper. This is despite the fact that the Foreign Office Spokesman had categorically denied any "backdoor channel to establish link with Israel". After this clear denial, basing the story on so-called "top diplomatic sources", you will agree, is far-fetched. It is already in public knowledge that the Foreign Ministers of Pakistan and Israel had met in Turkey in 2005. This Ministry is, however, not aware of the establishment of its Camp Office in Tel Aviv. We also do not know of any Pakistani politician pursuing the recognition of Israel "in near future". Clearly, "top-level diplomatic sources" have misled your worthy correspondent. Pakistan's position on Israel is clear and based on principles. There is no change in this policy, nor is any change under consideration. - Rajeel Mohsin, Asst Director, Spokesman's Office, MFA, Islamabad, August 29. While it is reassuring to note that the Pakistan Government's policy on Israel remains unchanged, the MFA has not clarified how there is an address and telephone number on the internet for "Pakistan Embassy Israel". -Editor