ISLAMABAD - Speaker National Assembly Dr Fehmida Mirza directed Chairman Baitul Maal and Chairperson National Commission for Human Development (NCHD) to intensify efforts to provide relief to the flood affectees of Thatta. She said this in a meeting with Chairman Baitul Maal and Chairperson NCHD on Sunday. She directed formation of relief and medical camps under the patronage of Pakistan Baitul Maal and (NCHD) to ensure provision of food, tents and medicines to the affectees. The Speaker said that millions of acres of crops, houses and infrastructure had been completely washed away by the devastating floods. She directed the Chairman Baitul Maal to establish relief camps in Thatta and ensure provision of food items and water in coordination with the district administration and other agencies involved in the relief work. She said that due to shortage of resources, the country could not afford duplicity of efforts. The Chairman Baitul Maal informed the Speaker that his department was actively involved in the relief work throughout the effected areas. Dr Fehmida Mirza directed Chairperson NCHD to establish medical camps for providing medical facilities to the affectees. She said that the affectees were facing threats of epidemics, therefore, it was imperative to ensure supply of quality medicines in the camps to quell threat of epidemics in the effected areas. She asked the Chairperson NCHD to involve social sector organisation to extend maximum emotional support to the traumatised women and children residing in the relief camps. The Speaker said that the aftermath of the floods would have grave implications on the women and children, which would ultimately affect the households. She said that after the assessment of damages, every family and household would be given assistance for their rehabilitation. She said that committees comprising of MPs had been formed, which would visit the relief camps in all four provinces to meet the affectees and assess their needs. She said that the focus should be given to the basic needs and the nutrition of women and children. The Speaker said that the Government was determined to meet the needs of the affectees and would not leave them in the lurch, however, it was virtually impossible to reach out to each and every individual. She, therefore, urged the business community of Sindh to generously donate to tackle with this crisis.