PAKISTAN has requested the British government to extradite Shamim Khan, the man who reportedly hurled his shoes at President Asif Ali Zardari during an event at Birmingham earlier this month, reported Press Trust of India (PTI) on Sunday. The Interior Ministry has provided details of Shamim Khans 'criminal record to British authorities and requested them to hand him over to Pakistan so that he can be brought to justice. Shamim Khan, a resident of Palai Gala of Sehnsa sub-division in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, has been declared a proclaimed offender in a case of attempted murder. In 1993, he had shot and injured his opponent and an inspector and then managed to flee to Britain, a source told PTI. A case had been registered against Khan in Palai Gala police station, the source said. The inspector injured by Khan is now the DSP of Kotali and the other person fired at has become handicapped and incapacitated, the source added. After escaping from Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, Khan stayed with his friend Mushtaq in Britain. Later Mushtaq was murdered by his son and Khan was interrogated by the British police but somehow he got away, the source said. One of Khans sons too was caught at Islamabad Airport while trying to board a London-bound flight with opium. While the British interior ministry is only interested in Khans criminal record, we have tried to unearth who is behind the conspiracy hatched against President Zardari during his visit to Brimingham, a senior PPP leader said. It has been established that Khan had never been a PPP worker and he entered the Birmingham convention along with Lord Nazir Ahmed, the PPP leader said.