ISLAMABAD - Chairman PML-Q Likeminded Hamid Nasir Chattha, Sunday, said the army did not wish to come into power, however, incapability of the government could make it possible. The failure of the leading political parties always invited martial law in the country. Today, when millions of people have become homeless, the political parties are busy in submitting privilege motions against each other and are indulging in blame games, Chattha said while talking to the media. He said the government had failed in winning over the hearts of the flood-affected people and it was only the Pakistan army, which was working for relief and rehabilitation of the poor people. It also played a vital role in the 2005 earthquake and people had full confidence in it, the chairman of the Likeminded added. He said the rehabilitation of the flood-affected areas should be handed over to army, as the govt lacked transparency while Pakistan army had the skills and manpower to ensure relief operation transparently. He said the political parties, which played Sindh and Punjab cards allowed their blue-eyed landlords to direct floodwater towards poor people to save lands and factories. The leadership remained busy in aerial view of the affected areas and never bothered to go and meet the poor people hit by the national disaster. It was the only way to win the confidence of the people, Chattha said, adding, The nation should stand united to fight this national disaster. Every one will have to play his role and the politicians should focus on Pakistan card rather then Sindh or Punjab cards. They have to work for democratic values.