MULTAN The worst-ever flood of the countrys history has so far caused loss worth over Rs 152.21 billion to Punjab, more than one fourth of provinces total budget, discloses an initial estimate made by the Government of Punjab. The swollen rivers have affected the lives of at least 8.20 million people, leaving at least 103 citizens dead, 500,000 houses completely ruined, 3132 villages marooned and 44 highways cut in half. The damages in alone agriculture sector stand higher than all other fields as standing crops on 1,712,063 acres of land, almost 9.2 per cent of total 18,510,000 sown land in the province, worth over Rs 80.73 billion have been ruined by the furious flooding, the estimate further reveals. The second highly affected areas, the details show, are rivers and bridges with Rs 20.38 billion loss followed by irrigation infrastructure with Rs 16 billion; education Rs 23.71 billion; health and veterinary Rs 9.8 billion and water, sanitation and drainage installations 1.6 billion. Though the loss stands more than 15 times higher than the Rs. 10 billion demand made to federal government by Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif for flood relief operation, nothing has so far been released to the provincial government, forcing Mr. Sharif to ask the centre not to add to the miseries of the poor victims. According to the initial estimate, the flood hit 12 districts of Punjab out of which seven including Mianwali, Bhakar, Layyah, Muzaffargarh, Dera Ghazi Khan, Rajanpur and Rahim Yar Khan were badly affected. At least 315 union councils of above mentioned seven districts have come under floodwater. The district wise break shows that Muzaffargarh district is the most affected area of Punjab where flooding destroyed at least 47 union councils, causing an estimated loss of about Rs 16.66 billion. The Rajanpur district is the second in line with Rs 11.37 billion loss and 44 union councils under water followed by Dera Ghazi Khan with 51 flooded union councils and Rs 10.42 billion loss. The flood ruined 61 union councils of Rahim Yar Khan and caused loss worth Rs 9.90 billion; 44 union councils of Mianwali with loss worth Rs 9.82 billion; 30 union councils of Bhakar and loss worth Rs 9.82 billion and 38 union councils of Layyah with loss worth Rs. 3.41 billion. The statistics gathered by the provincial government show that 14.2 per cent of total cotton crop sown on 6,019,000 acres of land has so far been ruined by the flood. Similarly, 12.73 per cent of sugarcane crop; 11.64 per cent of fodder; 34.3 per cent of mung; 3.5 per cent of rice; 17.7 per cent of vegetable and 1.7 per cent of sesame, maize, orchards and other crops have been destroyed by the flood. Besides crop damage, the flood badly smashed communication infrastructure in the province as it ruined at least 44 small and main roads including 18 in Rajanpur, 10 in Rahim Yar Khan, six in Muzaffargarh; five in Dera Ghazi Khan; two in Mianwali; one in Jhang, one in Pasroor and one in Murree.