MULTAN Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani Sunday said Mian Nawaz Sharifs proposal for constituting a commission for the rehabilitation of flood-affected areas and the people was not rejected rather the proposed body would be formed after taking provinces into confidence. Gilani also said 80 per cent of the foreign aid would be directly utilised through the NGOs, for which no accountability would be held. The premier, who accompanied Saudi Prince Walid bin Talal during a visit to the flood-affected areas of South Punjab, was responding to different queries of mediamen about the relief operation at Multan Airport. We still claim to be friends. If the commission is not constituted, it does not mean we do not intend to materialise the proposal. Rather were taking provinces into confidence, he said. Referring to the grievances expressed by the provincial chief ministers, Gilani said a strategy was being formed for the distribution of aid. Were monitoring that how much aid is being received from abroad. Soon were going to hold a meeting of the Council of Common Interests during which a strategy to distribute the aid will be finalised, he claimed. He said the government wanted to hand out at least Rs0.1 million to each affected family. But at the same time, weve to keep in mind how much weve in our pocket, he added. He told journalists that even for distributing Rs20,000 per family, a total amount of Rs40 billion was required and said the amount for each affectee would be settled after consultation with all the provinces. Answering a question on reservations of foreign donors, he said the process of aid distribution would be made transparent, as the entire received amounts would be available on Internet, adding that 80 per cent of foreign aid would be distributed through the donors. The prime minister asked the nation to celebrate Eid with simplicity and donate money to be spent on Eid for the victims. To a query on Kalabagh Dam, he said he did not want to keep the nation in illusions like previous governments. The past governments talked a lot about the dam but none of them constructed it. The dictator did not allocate any thing for the project in the budgets, he recalled. He said the country needed new dams, and therefore, the Bhasha Diamer Dam project had been approved by the Council of Common Interests. This way weve also fulfilled the condition set by the World Bank, he added. On his turn, Prince Walid bin Talal said Pakistan and Saudi Arabia enjoyed brotherly ties and his country would not leave Pakistanis alone during troubled times. He said the scale of calamity was very large and the Saudi government would extend all-out support to Pakistan. He also urged the international community to forward and shore up the relief and rehabilitation efforts. Monitoring Desk adds: Prime Minister Gilani said 80 per cent of the foreign aid would be directly utilised through the non-governmental organisations (NGOs), for which no accountability would be held, reported a private TV channel. He said they wanted to tell those clamouring for transparency that only 20 per cent aid would be awarded to the government. Gilani said he was not making any accusations as the foreign agencies had their own expenditures including offices and staff salaries paid in dollars. He also mentioned that the locals are bound to share money in the projects run by such organisations.