LONDON - The Association of Pakistani Lawyers (APL), a team of Pakistan origin lawyers, solicitors, barristers, and judges in the UK, has expressed its concern at the News of the Worlds report on match fixing involving Pakistan cricket team and termed it a deadly development for cricket. Chairman APL Barrister Amjad Malik, while talking to The Nation, said that it was disappointing for the game as well as for millions of fans who watch on TV and pay for tickets and travel to stadiums for fair and competitive cricket. He urged all concerned not to prejudge the outcome and wait for a fair investigation of Scotland Yard into the whole affair. He said those accused of fixing should be given opportunity to defend themselves as these allegations are damaging for the game, team and the country. Malik said that Pakistan as a state needs to look at 'corruption with a new mindset, and it needs will to deter corrupt practices in its rank and file. He said Pakistan needs to introduce new legislation and a judicial forum where corrupt elements are held accountable. Barrister Malik urged Pakistani cricket team, PCB and the govt to seek legal assistance and advice immediately and co-operate with the investigation of Scotland Yard and the ICC anti corruption unit to safeguard the prestige of the players and the country. Chairman APL demanded that the alleged players, if found guilty, must be made an example if Pakistan ever wants to play cricket at international level.