This Friday Lahore witnessed another incident of broad daylight high profile kidnapping. As Punjab police has not yet been able to recover Warren Weinstein, an American national earlier kidnapped in Lahore on August 13, Shahbaz Taseer, elder son of slain former governor Punjab Salman Taseer was kidnapped in a planned and apparently well rehearsed manner. Being the eldest in the family, Shahbaz was pursuing his father murder case in the court of law, wherein, despite dozens of eye witnesses there is no progress to prosecute the killer Mumtaz Qadri. Taseer family has been receiving threats from unidentified quarters not to persuade the case. This is a new reality in Pakistan - views that may upset one or another religious fundamentalist group cant be expressed in public. Punjab governor was murdered by his security guard who was brainwashed by religious extremists against Salmans views on misuse of blasphemy law. Federal Minister for Minorities affairs was also murdered this March due to his vocal opposition of blasphemy law. Last week Afzal Chishti, the cleric who led Salmans funeral prayers was forced to leave Pakistan after receiving threats from same quarters who were behind Salmans murder. Salman daughter, Sher Bano has also left the country due to same reasons. Shahbazs kidnapping in a Lahores posh locality sends a clear and loud message to all those who may attempt to stand in the way of religious extremism - shut up or be ready for Salmans fate. One can only hope that Punjab Chief Minister who is now-a-days busy delivering lectures in Karachi on security issues will find will and time to rescue Shahbaz from the clutches of extremists who feel no value for their own or another human life. MASOOD KHAN, Saudi Arab, August 27.