The attack on Quetta Express in Mach area of Balochistan resulting in the death of three passengers and wounding dozens must be condemned strongly. This was an ambush attack carried out by miscreants hiding in the mountains. This should set alarm bells ringing in the concerned official quarters because this time around rather than attacking government installations they have targeted civilians and that too in a passenger train. Balochistan has been hit by the worst kind of violence, but the governments inattention is only making the troublemakers more brazen in going about their deadly ways. Of course, India, in alliance with other foreign powers, has been fishing in troubled waters there for a long time now. The sad part is that no concrete action has been taken to stop the suppliers of weapons and others who fund the insurgency through the consulates in Afghanistan. At the same time, rampant poverty, socio-economic backwardness and mounting resentment have only provided a fertile ground to these foreign powers to interfere. The government only raised the slogans of Aaghaz-e-Haqooq-e-Balochistan package but practically delivered nothing to follow up on its words with definite moves. It is time we learnt from our mistakes committed in East Pakistan in 1971.