I refer to the editorial appearing in your esteemed newspaper on 27th August, 2011 titled as dealing with the floods. I do agree that absence of storage facilities is causing loss to the nation. However the other eye differs with the other aspect mentioned in the above article. As per Indus Water Treaty the control on the rivers of Ravi, Bias and Satluj had been given to India whereas the control of river of Chinab, Jhelum and Indus is with Pakistan. Therefore first there is no possibility of developing a water storage facility on the eastern river because the water supply is never assured. The recent flood in river Satluj is the result of monsoon rains in India and releases of water from Pong Dam on River Bias and Bhakra dam on River Satluj. The water is being released because Pong and Bhakra dams had reached close to their full capacity of storage, yet the releases from both these dams remained between 70 to 80 cusec at down stream of Herikay. Therefore, the flood levels in Kasur area remained close to this figure. The devastation due to this low flood level is because of the construction of houses and growing of crops inside the river bed area, i.e inside the protective embankments. Since Satluj had been deprived of water since long, therefore, the farmers living in the river bed had cultivated their crops inside the river course which are now submerged. This low flood level will continue for another one week area and its intensity will continue to reduce while passing through Sulemanki and Head Islam where some of the water will be diverted to the canals. Another thing may be noted that Indian dams are located away from boarder line, therefore, in case India releases excess water, its own area will be inundated first followed by area in Pakistan. NAJAM ABBAS NAJMI , Lahore, August 27.