LAHORE Landa Bazaar once considered a haven for poor for its cheap prices is now becoming a distant dream for them as rates of used clothes and shoes are reaching sky high with Eidul Fitr drawing closer, a survey conducted by TheNation revealed. The survey revealed that most of the shopkeepers, who deal in used clothes, and vendors of Anarkali, Mayo Hospital Market, Railway Station, Bohar Wala Chowk and Naulakha Bazaar could not meet their routine business targets in Ramazan like other months of the year owing to increase rates of used items. They told this scribe that poor people of the City have left visiting these markets after passing of ten days of Ramazan which revealed that they preferred sitting at homes owing to dearness or they want to purchase new items from other markets of the city at reasonable rates. It has become common that even those people who can afford to purchase costly clothes have also visited these markets of used clothes. Shopkeepers said that middle and lower middle class people of City have been visiting these markets but since last four years some rich families have also started purchasing from these markets. A shopkeeper Gohar Ali said that he deals in second-hand shoes of male of prices ranging from Rs 500 to 5,000 but poor people preferred to buy between Rs 500 to 700 while middle class buy in the range of Rs 1,000 to 1,500. Another shopkeeper revealed that he deals in ladies shoes ranging from Rs 500 to 1,000 and these shoes are being purchased by all segments of the society. But there was no rush of buyers of used shoes except the Bohar Wala Chowk makeshift market, where people were seen purchasing shoes ranging from Rs 300 to 500 but their quality was not better than those kept in the shops of other markets of Naulakah and Mayo Hospital. A purchaser who was purchasing used shoes for his child at Rs 300 said that he also purchased joggers for his son for Eid. A shopkeeper as well as other vendors of used shirts at Anarkali bazaar said that this year they were selling shirts at prices ranging from Rs 100 to 250 and their prices were only 50 to 100 rupees just two years ago. They revealed that prices of shirts in wholesale have increased two times than last two years due to which they are forced to sell these shirts at high rates. They said the second-hand coats are available from Rs 500 to 1500 but these days when Eid is near there is no special rush of people. They said that rush of clients at their shops have been decreased by 80 percent than in routine days. It is pertinent to mention here that sale at Naulakha Market have also been declined by 80 percent after the mid of the Ramazan.