Articles have appeared in the newspapers urging Pakistani government to recognize the new Libyan regime forthwith. This reckless advice again reflects the superficiality with which current and former diplomats deal with Pakistans foreign policy. There are several pressing reasons for not recognizing Libyan new regime on an immediate basis which are as follows:- 1. There is no clear cut Libyan regime with broad representation for all areas of Libya in place. 2. Libya affair has no serious economic repercussions for Pakistan but a hasty recognition which has ability to annoy Arab regimes from which Pakistan benefits immensely has an economic impact. 3. Pakistan should wait for green signal from friendly Arab states and Arab league before recognizing the new regime if any. 4. A regime which has been brought by US-France and then with NATO bombardment is not considered an independent choice by the Libyan people and a free and fair elections in Libya under UN auspices would be the minimum terms of recognition. 5. There is no certainty that occupying powers via proxy, that is France, USA, Italy and UK will not have local favourites and ultimately the vast country where a few thousand gunmen can bring geopolitical change might be fragmented in war lordships. 6. Pakistanis can protect the interests of Pakistanis in Libya via third country as Qatar for example. Hence it is not correct for Pakistan to recognize the new Libyan regime unless Arab league, friendly Arab countries as Saudia and UAE give a green signal and UN announces elections in Libya so that Libyas independence is preserved and country is not fragmented by warlords which is Wests usual manoeuvre these days in Islamic countries. Straight away recognition without preconditions might anger some Arab states and libya might become a country where oil rich areas go to western sponsored warlords and rest of Libya gets nothing from oil and live in poverty. Pakistan can of course hold talks via third party with new regime and seek to know whether it will upgrade economic and political relationships with Pakistan more than Qaddafi. It is to be seen whether this regime is truly an independent regime or a new colony of Sarkozy of France, whose rival for Frances election has been detained in the USA conveniently. Incidentally, it needs be mentioned that despite articles by conservative party chief Saeedas Warsis supporting Britain decision to join NATO bombardment of Libya, the fact remains this time France has been given preference by USA in Libyan issue. This represents enlargement of French interest in North Africa at expense of UK and Italy. A conflict of opinion between UK and USA over some traditional UK influenced territories as Middle East and even Pakistan is coming to surface, Libya is another one such potential country. History will probably laud that even a maverick Qaddafi like Saddam before and unlike our people has not yielded to foreign hegemony without a serious fight, risk and a personal sacrifice. Hence Pakistan should think first before recognizing new Libyan regime. Hence an advice like from former ambassador to Libya like Mr. Nazar Abass to recognize regime immediately is not in Pakistans interest at all. M. SHAIKH, Islamabad, August 26.