Impressed by the media campaign of PTCL of free Sunday offer, I had made calls from my landline number 34623433 in the month of July. However, when I received the bill in August, much to my surprise and dismay I had been billed a whooping 90 calls which is not the case in the past two years even. Moreover, I had also been billed Rs 12 for NWD calls made on 24th and 31st July (both Sundays) which further give credence to my claim. A call to their number 1236 revealed that I would have to personally visit the exchange to get the amount corrected. The free Sunday offer is nothing but a ploy by PTCL to increase its revenue base by employing unethical means. The unsuspecting users would subsequently would have to run from pillar to post to get the amount corrected. I would like to request the other customers to be beware of such scam of PTCL and do not fall pray to it. ADNAN MAJID, Karachi, August 27.