FAISALABAD - Several political leaders have taken serious notice of the statement of former Sindh Home Minister Dr Zulfikar Mirza and demanded establishment of a judicial commission to investigate the conspiracies being hatched against the very existence of the country. Talking to a delegation from Faisalabad, Tehreek-e-Insaaf Chairman Imran Khan said that the people of the four provinces would not allow any conspiracy to succeed for the separation of Karachi from the motherland. He said the press conference had opened the eyes of the United States and the UK. He said conspiracy for the separation of Karachi had been going on for several years. He demanded the government to give its reaction over the statement of Dr Mirza, take the nation into confidence and free Karachi from the target killers and terrorists. Imran told the party leaders that they should be ready to listen a big news after Eidul Fitr. He said September was a very important month and a national government could be formed. Chaudhry Sher Ali of PML-N said the statement by Dr Mirza on oath showed that the political matters of the government were not satisfactory. He said the Karachi situation was now before the Supreme Court and it had to give its verdict. He said that Zulfikar Mirza had exposed the real facts about Interior Minister Rehman Malik. He said several parties who had been blaming the ANP for killing Pakhtuns in Karachi must apologise to Pakhtuns. He said until Karachi was made an arms free city, the problem of violence and killings would remain there. He said certain acts of the interior minister were of concern over which the ANP and other parties had objected. Pakhtuns are the power in Karachi which certain forces want to eliminate. He hoped that the Supreme Court would summon Dr Mirza along with the proofs. He said the Joint Investigation Team report which was presented in the Senate was not taken seriously by the Interior Minister. He was of the view that had action been taken on the report, the situation would have been quite different in Karachi. Moreover Jamat-e-Islami local leaders said that after the disclosures by Dr Mirza, the situation in Karachi had become complicated and it was essential to hold debate on it in the National Assembly. They said under a well-thought conspiracy, politicians were being made target. They said that the interior minister must make his position clear over the allegations levelled against him.