DIR – The residents of Dir town, enraged by Pesco apathy towards repairing an out of order 66-kv main supply line for 22 hours, have demanded action against the Pesco local officials for being negligent to their woes.

Electricity went out on Monday afternoon in Dir that is the largest town and district headquarters of Upper Dir where businesses need power for commercial use.

For several hours people thought it was loadshedding, but then they started worrying as the power blackout lingered. Residents said they tried to ring up the local grid station in Chukyatan to inquire about the problem but they had made the phone busy by apparently placing the receiver off.

However, some Pesco officials in the town said that the main 66KV power supply line had broken at Wari and could only be repaired by a team that would travel from Chakdarra. The residents were enraged because it took the team 22 hours to cover one and a half hour distance and repair the line.

The residents said the Pesco officials did not care for people’s problems caused by the power cut and acted negligently. They said that the officials of the Chukyatan Grid Station also deliberately did not provide information to people about the blackout. The power was restored to the Dir town and powers of different areas are still suspended including Rehankot Payeen for last 36 hours.