LAHORE (PR) – Central Jail Superintendent Mohsin Rafique Chaudhary has denied a report published in TheNation on Wednesday.

He clarified that no warder Naseer alias Naseera is posted at the jail. Also, the prisoner named Zeeshan alias Shani was called and he stated on oath that he had never been molested or sodomised by any official / warder of the jail. Similarly, the reported witness named Shehryar has denied any such incident in his statement on oath.

The Central Jail superintendent further said that no juvenile was confined in the jail since they were kept at Lahore District Jail. “However, there are 15 adolescent prisoners who have segregated from other prisoners in Barrack No 4 after my posting in the jail,” he added. Mohsin further said neither  the deputy superintendent nor him were contacted by any reporter to get their version on the report.