ISLAMABAD - The oldest and biggest college of the capital, Islamabad Model College for Boys (Postgraduate) H-8, has been suffering from acute water shortage after the disconnection of water supply line due to construction work of Capital Development Authority (CDA) that has failed to restore the supply despite the passage of ten years.

According to information, the 15-inch main water supply line to the college was damaged or blocked due to the construction work of various projects at Zero Point in 2002. Since then the college has no water supply from CDA. The college administration has written 16 letters to CDA Chairman to restore the water supply or provide alternate supply line but there has been no response from the Authority officials yet.

Initially, the college had received the bills but, later on, the bills were waived off, as the college was not getting any water supply. Though, the college administration has installed a small water pump (bore) and a water purification/filtration plant to provide clean drinking water to the students and to meet the miscellaneous requirements but it is insufficient to meet the requirements of 2500 students and teaching staff of the college.

A few employees of the college who reside in the campus are also hard hit because of this water shortage. And because of the non-supply of water, the college could not provide sufficient water for gardenia and household use of those employees living in the campus.

“The critical situation of non-availability of water supply is putting these inhabitants in miserable condition. Besides regular teaching activities, different allied activities of the college and its laboratories have also suffered a lot due to lack of water facility,” informed an official of the college.

The college campus is also used to conduct different examinations of Federal Board and Punjab University. Moreover, practical examinations are also conducted which need sufficient amount of water.

“After taking six classes, the students as well as teachers need a sip of water or a cup of tea which of course is natural human requirement but the contractor of college cafeteria sometimes showed helplessness due to shortage of water supply,” regretted a teacher.

The college administration has planned to reopen hostel in the forthcoming session, which was closed due to disconnection of water and gas supply four years ago. The minimum capacity to accommodate students in the hostel is 70. If supply of water is not restored, the opening of the hostel may not be materialized, feared an official of the college.

The H-8 College is the oldest college which offers a variety of disciplines.

It is spread over 47 acres of land and has a huge campus to fulfill the educational requirements of the students. Presently, the total enrollment of the students in the college is more than 2000 along with 170 teaching and non-teaching staff member of the college who have been facing this severe trouble and deserve immediate relief.

A senior official of the college told TheNation that the college administration had brought this situation into the notice of the Minister for Capital Administration and Development (MoCAD) Nazar Muhammad Gondal when he visited the college in May. The MoCAD Joint Secretary Planning had also visited the college and promised to resolve the issue but the college is still without any water supply.

Professor Tahir Mahmood, spokesperson of FG College Teachers Association when contacted said that the representative body of college teachers’ demands immediate solution of the problem.

As the CDA itself abandoned the source of supply, so it should provide a new connection in lieu of the blockade water supply line or repair the same.

The hot and humid summer season is in full swing and has resulted in rising need of drinking water and for other uses, he added.

CDA Director Masood-ur-Rehman when contacted maintained that no pipeline was damaged during the construction work of Zero Point projects. The Zero Point Interchange project was started in 2008 while the supply was disconnected in 2002, he said.