PESHAWAR – Elders of Chaghor Goldor’s Action Committee (CGAC), Chitral, have termed the construction of a private dam in Chaghor Goldor area illegal and demanded of the government to immediately halt work on the said project.

Expressing reservations over the stated privately initiated power project in Chaghor area, Bashirud Din, Chairman and Shahzada Imran, General Secretary of the Action Committee, in a joint press conference said that the project was totally illegal, because the firm, constructing the dam, had not taken No Objection Certificate (NOC) either from Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) or PAIDO.

Bashir said that the former district nazim had hatched a conspiracy against the dwellers by constructing the privately owned power generation unit with the support of certain Non Governmental Organisations.

He further said that the firm has no proper feasibility report about the stated project that may pose serious threats to dwellers of the area, because the dam may break down any time.

The dwellers, he said, had complained to the authorities concerned and district administration but to no avail.

The action committee chairman also said that they were not against the hydel power generation, as the masses were in dire need of electricity, adding that such mega projects should be carried out by Wapda or Paido after proper planning and thorough study as to ensure no threats to locals from the project, he maintained. Implementation of the international protocols should follow in construction of the dam, he urged. 

Bashir also alleged that the former district nazim used his political influence and grabbed a government road by including it in his villa, but the district administration had followed a criminal silence over the issue.

The Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, he said, even visited Chitral several times but did not pay due attention towards the miseries of the masses, which is quite injustice with Chitralites.  

The elders of the joint Action Committee appealed Chief Justice Peshawar High Court to take notice of the illegal electricity power generation project and immediately stop work on it to save the locals from any serious threats.