The NRO letter case has been dominated by the apparently successful coercive politics of PPP set out by its rabble rouser Raza Hasan Abidis’ most abusive language and wild accusations at the Supreme Court. It has been obviously engineered by the PPP itself. Abidi has been emboldened by almost daily appearance on the MQM-Zardari dominated TV channels that let the “TV actor” abuse CJ as loudly as possible. He acts as if his accusations of the CJ are gospel, but all issues of unprecedented corruption by the PPP are false.

However, the whole nation wonders why the PPP top brass is letting him use such derogatory language and get away with it? The nation demands that he should be punished according to law.

I must also add that had Imran Khan not weakened the opposition by taking up a gauntlet against PML-N, the nation would not have seen this day. Had he forged a united opposition with ML-N, JIP, Pakistan could have been saved from this horrible destruction that it is facing now.


UK, August 27.