KARACHI – Owing to the non-payment of funds from the government, the Karachi Municipal Corporation (KMC) has refused to carry out a cleanliness drive and work during rains in the city.

“We are hardly able to pay wages to employees, then how we can carry out a cleanliness drive,” the district administrators were quoted as having said by sources.

“Because we lack funds, our vehicles and machinery are out of order since long. In the case of any emergency, we would not be having money for fuel to run vehicles and other equipment. Above all, we are not in the position to work during any emergency arising from heavy rainfall in the city,” the administrators observed at a meeting chaired by Administrator Hussain Syed and attended by senior officials of the Municipal Services Department.

The Sindh government would be responsible for the damages arising in the case of emergency, as the KMC had repeatedly informed it about its financial problems.