In response to a private TV channel anchorperson’ petition seeking to set up a uniform code of conduct for the private TV channels and media houses, the Supreme Court will be holding its hearings in Quetta early September. The city, however, is, unfortunately passing through an appalling phase of lawlessness. And as argued by some senior lawyers, it is unwarranted to hold proceedings in a city whose lawlessness could endanger the lives of representatives from no less than 58 private TV channels. Lack of ample security measures coupled with the fact that the number of litigants is a large one, make matters worse; rather than going to the expense of making new arrangements for accommodation and security, the case can be held in either Islamabad or Lahore as suggested by the lawyer. The capital would also be the ideal place from where international media could cover the event. Among the consequences, it is also being speculated that routine hearings in Quetta might slow down. The senior lawyers rightly hold the view that any untoward incident in Quetta can greatly damage the media that is in the vanguard of rule of law and creating awareness in society.