Minister Rehman Malik’s ‘conspiracy theory’ on migration of Hindu communities from Sindh has proved correct as reported in a national daily (August 14, 2012). According to the report, the Hindu families, which, according to the interior minister, went to India for pilgrimage of holy places, have, on reaching India, refused to come back to Pakistan. A group of about 30 migrants on reaching Amritsar established a camp and gave an interview before the electronic media stating that their lives and religious rights were being threatened in Pakistan.

They claimed their affidavits for returning to the country had been obtained by the government under duress. They further stated that because of serious danger to their families, they had requested the Indian government for asylum.

After the reported interview of the alleged asylum seekers, government has to open its eyes and admit that all is not well here. Therefore, instead of making nonsensical statements and forming different committees, government should make the security of the minority community one of its topmost priorities. The minorities must be given the needed sense of security so that their confidence in the writ of the state could be restored. I am of firm opinion that if the state adopts concrete measures, involving elders of society, a peaceful environment can be re-established without much ado.


Dadu, August 28.