The learned columnist in his article on Bonapartism published in a local daily used the new found liberty of the present rulers to degrade, defame and embarrass the judges and judiciary through his remarks and innuendos in the war against judiciary over rule of law. He uses the governments’ die-hard type of reasoning and expression in his writings. It seems, he does not like the apex court fulfilling its responsibilities, which are to interpret, defend and enforce the constitution and laws to safeguard public rights given by the constitution.

He wants the apex court to remain inactive and discard dozens of petitions of breaches of public rights, law and order cases, which require prompt attention. What is the use of a judiciary and its decisions if they are not respected and implemented in the country? The present rulers are using dubious tricks and open propaganda to thwart the apex courts’ verdicts and directions and are creating dangerous trends of rendering the judiciary and its decisions ineffective, thereby promoting rule of the jungle and anarchy. The public generally follows the rulers and they will also openly dishonour the judges in the lower courts and disobey their decisions. It is sad that the learned writer has extended the liberty of his lose pen to pass uncalled-for and fictitious remarks about an admired and respected personality of Pakistan’s judiciary.


Muzaffarabad, August 29.